I created this course because in my years of one-on-one appraisal work I kept seeing the same frustrations among my clients.

They were feeling overwhelmed by their silver, were unsure of what they had, and were scared of giving away something valuable because they couldn't identify what they have.

SILVER 101 is based on the process I developed and use with my appraisal clients to help them learn how to sort and identify their silver so they can move forward making decisions about what to do with it empowered with their newly-gleaned information about that they have.

I've now taken this process out of my clients' dining rooms and transformed it into an online course curriculum so I can make the content accessible to the maximum number of people who can be helped by it.

You will learn:

-How to distinguish between sterling silver & silverplate and identify what you have

-How to read silver marks and identify your pieces

-The history of sterling silver and silverplate

-Differences among international marks and commonly encountered marks

-How to safely store your sterling silver and silverplate

About Your Teacher Sarah Reeder
Hi, I’m your teacher Sarah Reeder.

I'm a silver specialist and an appraiser of art and antiques. 

As owner of Artifactual History®, my core mission is empowering through education by making previously hard to obtain information about silver and other antique objects accessible to a broad audience. 

My goal is to help provide guidance and peace of mind to people as they downsize or make plans about what to do with their antiques.


This Course Is Designed For People Who:

-Own or inherited silver items and are unsure of what they have

-Are looking for a clear introductory guide for identifying silver

-Are either visual and audio learners

-May have different levels of access to hearing and sight
(Course format includes both audio narration and written elements to expand access to content)

This Course Does Not:

-Provide extensive in-depth training to be able to professionally appraise silver upon course completion

-Contain detailed connoisseurship knowledge about all areas of silver

Curious if it would be a good fit for you?
Feel free to email your questions to [email protected]

No items from my previous appraisal clients are pictured in this course and client confidentiality has been fully protected.